Friday, January 12, 2018

"20.5L The Raintree Canopy": 4 Months Updates

After 4 months growing, mini fissidens moss has spread and covered most of the wood branches. It looks so nice now. I love the way the mini fissidens grows, slowly and not invasive. Totally no trimming needed at all for the last 4 months. I guess it would be just nice like that for the whole time. 

"The Raintree Canopy" at 4th month
There is no chiller being used for the mini fissidens to grow at all for this tank. There is only cooling fan has been used so far to keep the water cooling down a bit. The average water temperature of this tank is about 27 degC. The moss, however, is not so lushing green at all time. It might need some time to adjust the parameter for it to grow nicely lush. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with the tank so far and love to see how it grows.

The tank now is "shrimp only" tank, Amano shirmps and Fire Red Shrimps I guess the shrimp love it since no predator there and moss are everywhere for them to play hide and seek and finding foods. :) 

A short video of the tank as a record at the 4th month growing. Hope you all enjoy it! :)


  1. Lovely video. Would be great if you film a full tank shot in imo!

    1. Thank you. I am planning to do a full tank video soon. Stay tuned! :)