Friday, August 19, 2016

Save Cost for Filter Media

Interestingly, we would be able to save quite a lot of cost for white sponge filter media by spending a bit time to DIY. :)

Previously, I used to buy SGD5 for 3 pieces of white sponge filter for my Eheim Ecco Pro 3, which I found quite reasonable. However, after reading some suggestion from some fellows at Aquatic Quotient Forum, I bought a big pad of Mika brand white sponge filter media. Just after some simple cutting which you can ask your kid for help, you already save quite a lot of money. :)
This is Mika brand filter wool. I bought for SGD6 from Nature Aquarium
Size comparison.
And yes, see how much you can save? :) One big pad of Mika filter wool can be cut to 14+ plus pieces. 
Thickness is about the same
Cloning is in progress. :)
Yup! Just a small thing but while you can save money, why not? Right?
Happy aquascaping! ^_^

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