Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"64.8L Passionately Curious": Week 4 Updates

It had been four weeks since the tank was setup. Plants have grown very well with lush green all the time. There was very minimal algae issue happened in the tank. Since the the tank had no fauna, I increased the CO2 injection rate to 2bps for 8 hours a day. Lighting time also increased to 8 hours a day, started one hour after CO2 injection begin and ended one hour after CO2 stop.    

First trimming for the right background of Heteranthera zosterifolia (aka Star Grass) was done since the branches grew very fast and touch the surface water. I trimmed it quite short to created bushy effect in the future. 

Heteranthera zosterifolia before trimming.
Heteranthera zosterifolia after trimming

Star Grass leaves were very soft and gentle, yet the colour was lush green. It is one of the fast growing plants that needed for planted tank in the set up time since it would be able to absorb and uses excessive nutrient in the tank, thus prevent algae outbreak. 

Heteranthera zosterifolia (Star Grass) leaves
Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini' had been growing well, too. Its roots started to spread in wider area and slowly covered more space on the foreground. I used 2 tubs of 1-2 Grows! Eleocharis sp. 'Mini' for my 2ft tank at the beginning, so the covering speed was also faster. 
Eleocharis sp. 'Mini' started spreading roots to bare area on the tank
By end of Week 4, the tank was quite close to be fully cycled where Nitrite level is 0ppm, Ammonia is 0.5ppm and Nitrate is quite hight at 80ppm. It can be seen that beneficial bacteria had been working hard on transfer all Ammonia to Nitrite and Nitrite to Nitrate. Once the tank being fully cycled, I might write up a bit on "fishless" cycling method with ADA Amazonia soil.  For now, stay tuned and enjoy watching the plants grow. :)

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