Sunday, March 6, 2016

"64.8L Passionately Curious": Equipment Setup for Aquarium

After hard-scaping work for aquarium done, next step was to install the equipment like CO2 supply system, canister filter and lighting for it. Since that was the first time I really hands-on this kind of "plumbing" work, it was quite nervous but also very excited process. I read the instruction manual carefully and also search "how-to" on youtube and internet to make sure the process were correctly followed.

CO2 system was kind of straightforward to install thanks to the useful video from EastOcean on youtube. The video really shows step-by-step of cranking up the CO2 system for a planted tank, it helped the newbie like me understood the process clearly. I, however did not use CO2 diffusers since I don't really like the "7-up" effects in the tank later. In order for CO2 to absorb more on the water, I used ISTA External CO2 Reactor instead. Furthermore, there would be no tiny bubbles flying around in the tank later on. 

For canister filter, EHEIM Ecco Pro 300 has existing filter media and I decided to use EHEIM bioMech and EHEIM SUBSTRATpro for the first 2 trays of the filter. The last tray was Seachem Matrix. The media was rinsed under tap water until the water clear and was placed in the filter accordingly. I noticed each tray can store up to about 0.7L-0.8L of media material. 

Media filter material was being cleaned up under tap water
Seachem Matrix
Since I did not use the filter right away, I just leave it outside until canister needed to be used.
Lighting and CO2 also needed to be linked up with the electrical timer plugs accordingly.

Timer were ready! :)
It took me quite long to finish the equipment setup work for this first time. Next time, it would be better since I have already known the process. End of the day, equipment is ready for the next step: planting! :)

Equipment were ready to be utilized

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