Thursday, February 4, 2016

"64.8L Passionately Curious": Customized Cabinet

Initially, I was thinking the fish tank can just be put on any kind of surface like table or side table. After some thoughts, I believe it would be better to take the "tank load" more seriously and I had a plan to just buy a rough iron rack to put the fish tank on. I had try to source for second hand rack on carousel website for that. However, it can be seen most of the 2nd hand rack are quite high, about more than 1m which I feel not really nice put it in the living room. Then I changed my mind to source for the cabinet instead. There are many options of fish tank cabinet on the market and the price is also quite attractive. However, the ready-made cabinets do not have the colour that match my woodwork furniture at home. So the only option is to order a custom-made cabinet.

I have been sourcing around the internet and once again really inspired by the way Urban Aquaria blogger arranged his cabinet:

From there, I know that some suppliers do custom make the cabinet specially for fish tank. One of them is CR Aquarium. I contacted them for quotation and the price given is very reasonable, however, with additional special customized laminate, the price is quite high. Then I have sourced for another supplier which is Aqua Fishtanks ( The supplier's sale person is very responsive to all queries that I have sent and it really make me feel comfortable to deal with them. I have decided just to order a cabinet from them since the custom-made fish tank is quite expensive compared with ready-made on the market. Price wise is quite reasonable and I also decide to self-collect the item to save some delivery cost.

Below is my sketch for the design and colour pattern to match the existing furniture. Due to factory closure during CNY, the cabinet only be expected to fabricate and deliver by the first or second week of March 2016. In the meantime, I will source for the other items and study more about aquascaping. For now, I really enjoy the process.

Sketch of the cabinet

Simple design with colours matching my current furniture

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