Monday, February 29, 2016

"64.8L Passionately Curious": Background For Aquarium

I have decided to have a background for my planted tank after some reluctance. On one hand, I would like to see the transparent beautiful tank. On the other hand, some reference book said it would be better to have a tank background so that the fish can feel secure. Furthermore, the background can cover those piping and wiring behind the tank and makes it look better. 

I chose simple black Oyama background to create good contrast for the plants and fishes later on. In order to have background properly pasted, I followed a guideline from a good Youtube video below to complete the background setup.

The good trick is to spray solution of water with 1 drop of dishwasher to the sticker so that it will not so sticky and easy to adjust while pasting.  

Tools are ready for background setup.
Using a card to squeeze the air trap out
Waiting for the background to be dried and settled first
I will leave the background to dried up and stick properly to the tank first before trimming the excessive part off. Trimming is easier than I though, just use very sharp penknife to slide the excessive protruded sticker along the tank side.

Slide the penknife against the edge of the tank to trim the excessive sticker off
Put the tank in this position with background on top will be easier to paste the background. However, need to check the air bubble inside carefully and use the card to squeeze the bubbles out.

Tada! Background installation done!
Overall, I am quite happy with the background installation. A pat on my shoulder for the work well done. :) 

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