Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Aquascaping Froms Scratches

Some books that I have borrowed from library. Really interesting! :)
I really want to learn more about Aquascaping and would like to share my journey here. All starts from the scratches of a beginner. Hopefully the journey will be fruitful. :)
I have done the research the last few weeks on various websites regarding "aqua-scaping". So far, I have found the several websites are very useful. 
  • Well known forum about aquatic matters in Singapore. From this website, I have linked up to many interesting blogs that share a lot of valuable experience of setting up an aquarium. 
  • Urban Aquaria is one of the best inspired blog that I have read through most of the posts and even comments in each post. I really like the way the blogger express his clear ideas and knowledge to readers. Thanks Urban Aquaria for sharing and inspires me to start my journey into aquascaping world. 
There are several online shop for aquascaping materials that I found very convenient to purchase, even I have not really started purchasing it. Currently, I have been only creating a list of necessaries and purchase plan. :)
  • First online store that I explored because I was attracted by the package of whole fish tank, cabinet, canister fileter, CO2 system...etc. that they offer at SGD800. That is really tempted to click "Add to Cart" button. However, the more study, the more I would like to explore more on each items rather than one package, even though, it might be a cheaper option. 
  • Very good response from this shop. Email shortly received after some queries sent. I am planning to visit the shop in the coming time since everything looks so great from their facebook page.  
  • Seems like a good online store, I will plan to buy some from here since delivery will be free for purchase more than SGD150. For startup, I better save some money for the long run. :)
  • Haven't really tried to explore yet since I have overloaded with other websites's information. But I have seen a good thing that delivery will be free for purchase of more than SGD120. :) Will explore it in the next few days.
  • Haven't explored at all. 
  • Really convenient to surf this site time to time on 2nd hand items. Frankly, my initial plan was just to purchase a second hand set for fun since my wife and my kid would like to have a fish tank. After reading and studying more from library as well as internet, I really want to try to explore this new hobby. Some of my friends have already "warned" me about the addiction it would bring. Nevertheless, I always like to try something I have never done before. And here come the plan for aquascaping. 
  • Customized fish tank and cabinet.
  • Customized fish tank and cabinet. 
Last but not least, Youtube is surely a great reference resource for newbie learning. I have been lucky to have chance to watch The Green Machine's channel at very first search. I am really inspired by the way they demonstrate aquascaping technique. I have been watching those videos for the last few days and really can feel my hands becomes very "itchy". Below is the link to their channel on Youtube.  

Yes, those are for the first post. I will keep update the progress for myself reference on this blog regarding my new hobby - Aquascaping. 

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